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Organizational Development. Organizational development projects increase the effectiveness of your people, processes, and technology as a system. These projects begin with a discovery phase that often includes interviews, process mapping, and tech tool analysis. Once I am up to speed on the existing conditions of your organization, goals with milestones are set, and the work on the three cores can begin.

Professional Development. Organizational success begins and ends with the people involved. And this means investing in developing foundational skills such as self-care, organization, problem-solving, communication, technology, and collaboration. Most organizations and individuals are underinvesting in these foundational skills. These projects also begin with a discovery process that is then used to design a curriculum for targeted professional development programming.

Process Development. The “how” of our work is as important as the “what”. Unfortunately, most of our development work goes into “what” we do, and we leave the “how” to get sorted out along this way. This leads to chaotic processes that create extra work,  increase stress, and undermine success. There are best practices for running meetings, invoicing, client management, staff development, project management, record-keeping, and communications. And there are intelligent ways to ensure these practices are aligned with one another to create a flowing system at the center of your organization.

Technology Development. Technology and data are a core part of any organizational development effort. These projects consist data collection, data presentation, automation, and the implementation of AI. Results can include better-structured and useful data, a clear file management system, or automations that reduce errors and increase productivity. This enables your organization to focus people-power on the most important work. Small organizations have significant untapped potential when it comes to leveraging technology, data, and automation.

Organizational Development projects require onboarding time and often take months to accomplish. Typical outcomes of these projects are improved management practices, better functioning technology, clarified data collection and reporting, and a more effective organization overall.

Strategic Planning & Practice

Gone are (or should be!) the days of three to five-year strategic plans and consultants who parachute in and then disappear just as quickly. Today’s dynamic environment demands that organizations aim to improve on a daily basis. Strategic Planning & Practice allows an organization to focus on the day-to-day while simultaneously keeping the future in mind. An effective Strategic Planning & Strategic Practice is a commitment to regular reflection on successes and failures, to continual learning, and to the development of resilient and broadly applicable skills and processes.

Strategic Planning & Practice can be a one-off event (a good place to start) or a series of sessions that embed a strategic practice into your organization (recommended).

Project Management

Think of the Project Management service as your very own on-demand, problem-solving, question-answering, get-that-thing-done department. Projects can focus on any topic or sector. Previously, I have worked on manufacturing workforce development, HUD reporting for federal funding, research on the future of work, hunger relief systems change, community health worker professional development. I excel at implementing that big, important project you need to get done but don’t have the people power to do so.

Great-fit clients for Project Management services need a competent, sophisticated, driven person to design and develop a professional development experience, launch a new program, run a grant, or manage a project.


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Previous Clients & Partners

  • City of Milwaukee
  • Milwaukee County
  • Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Multicultural Entrepreneurial Institute
  • Alliance for Regional Development
  • Greater Milwaukee Committee
  • Milwaukee Real Estate Investors Association
  • St Joseph Food Program
  • Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin


  • Well-being: prioritization of a positive human condition.
  • Effectiveness: production of the right work at the right time with high quality.
  • Systems: integration into the larger context.
  • Authenticity: cultivation of transparency, integrity, and cultural representation.
  • Practice: commitment to a disciplined approach on a daily basis.


I am Tim Syth, and I support organizations and workers as they adapt to the dynamic nature of the economy, society, and technology. There exists a golden opportunity to reconsider how we undertake work and how our organizations function to better serve humans.

My professional focus is developing systems that improve organizational operation and heighten worker productivity and well-being. I have extensive experience doing project-based work within organizations large and small. I currently work with both for-profit and nonprofit organizations as a consultant. I have also worked on both local and national-level grants.

Prior to moving to Milwaukee, I lived and worked as a photographer in Berlin, Germany, while completing my Master’s degree in the field of Media & Communications. I have lived abroad extensively, grew up in the rural farming community of Greenwood, WI, love anything to do with plants, and am handy with a chainsaw.

I seek to put the well-being of humans at the center of my professional work.


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