Helping micro-enterprises become systematic, profitable, and healthy.
Promoting work-life integration.


  • Micro-Enterprise Consulting

    Running a micro-enterprise is very hard. Knowing how to create the product or deliver the service isn’t generally the challenge. The challenge is developing effective systems, increasing productivity, and managing people without exhausting yourself in the process.

    Engaging in Micro-Enterprise Consulting (MEC) means you want to increase the effectiveness of your entire system as a system. It means you understand your success results from how you spend your time, how you manage yourself and others, and how you run your organization.

    MEC engagements tend to be longer-term commitments that flex to meet the needs and resources of the client (like a lawyer or accountant). Outcomes are practices and systems that make organizations and individuals more impactful, more profitable, and healthier.

  • Research Development & Project Management

    Think of Research, Development & Project Management (RDPM) as your very own on-demand, problem-solving, question-answering, get-that-thing-done department. RDPM projects can explore emerging trends in socioeconomic development, the future of work, and productivity. RDPM efforts can also implement that big project you need to get done but don’t have the people power to do so.

    Great-fit clients for RDPM services need a competent, sophisticated, and driven person to design and develop a professional development experience, launch a new program, run a grant, or answer an important question. Areas of expertise are productivity best practices, social enterprise, impact investing, and project-based work.

    RDPM engagements tend to be one-off projects. Outcomes are best practices, documentation, news skills acquisition, and “shovel-ready” models ready for implementation.



These lenses are the guiding framework for all actions taken by Contexture / Tim Syth.

  • Well-being: Prioritizing of a positive human condition.
  • Effectiveness: Doing the right work at the right time.
  • Systems: Integrating into the larger context.
  • Authenticity: Cultivating of transparency, integrity, and cultural representation.
  • Practice: Committing to a disciplined approach on a daily basis.
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Previous Clients
& Partners

  • Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Multicultural Entrepreneurial Institute
  • Alliance for Regional Development
  • Greater Milwaukee Committee
  • Milwaukee Real Estate Investors Association
  • Institute for the Future
  • National Arts Strategies
  • Knight Foundation
  • Dart Chart Systems
  • BizStarts

Tim Syth

I am Tim Syth, and I provide Micro-Enterprise Consulting and Research, Development & Project Management services to my clients.

I support organizations and workers as they adapt to the shifting nature of work. I believe the social institution of work is evolving rapidly in response to globalization and technology. There exists a golden opportunity to reconsider how we undertake work and how our organizations function to better serve humans.

My professional focus is on systems that improve micro-enterprise operation, heighten worker productivity and well-being, and increase healthy socioeconomic development. In 2017, I started a coworking space call 5Wise Workshop. I have worked on both local and national level grants, and currently work with both for-profit and nonprofit organizations as a consultant.

Prior to moving to Milwaukee, I lived and worked as a photographer in Berlin, Germany, while completing my Master’s degree in the the field of Media & Communications. I have lived abroad extensively, grew up in the rural farming community of Greenwood, WI, and am handy with a chainsaw.

An integrated work-life practice and Nora (my companion) are key to my production and well-being.