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Helping individuals, organizations, and networks become systematic, productive, and healthy.


We live in a time of near-perpetual change where opportunities and challenges appear and disappear quickly. Having a strong organization today makes individuals, organizations, and networks more agile and resilient for whatever tomorrow may bring. I offer four services to help small organizations and individuals be successful: Organizational Development, Strategic Planning & Practice, Technology & Data Consulting, and Project Management.

Organizational Development

Organizational Development means you plan to increase the effectiveness of your entire system as a system. It means you understand your success is a result of how you spend your time, how you manage yourself and others, and how you run your system. But Organizational Development itself has changed. Gone are (or should be!) the days of three to five-year strategic plans and consultants who parachute in and then disappear just as quickly. Today’s dynamic environment demands that organizations aim to improve on a daily basis.

Strategic Planning & Practice

Strategic Planning & Practice allows an organization to focus on the day to day while simultaneously keeping the future in mind. Effective Strategic Planning & Strategic Practice is a commitment to regular reflection on successes and failures, to continual learning, and to the development of resilient and broadly applicable skills and processes.